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USA Shipping Container

USA Shipping Container has shipping containers for sale to customers all across the great state of Texas who are looking to buy secure storage solutions and much more. Our used and new shipping containers are high quality products that you can count on for the long haul. If you need to compare prices or if you are ready to buy today, go ahead and give us a call at (713) 804-6726 and we will give you pricing and current rates for your shipping container needs in Texas.

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If you need to compare prices or if you are just ready to buy today, fill out this form or go ahead and give us a call at (713) 804-6726 and we will give you pricing and current rates for your shipping container needs in Texas.
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Shipping Containers FAQ

Who Is USA Shipping Container LLC?

Todd Coon – Owner / President. I started my shipping container career in 2003 with I used my accumulated knowledge and contacts to establish USA Shipping Container LLC in 2015. My low overhead gives me a competitive advantage over my competition and allows me to pass the savings on to you. I can offer Dry Storage containers, shipping containers, cargo containers and Conex of all sizes in New one-trip or Used wind and watertight or cargo worthy condition. I work with shipping companies, lease companies, container wholesalers and China Manufacturers directly. With my 20+ years of shipping container industry knowledge and contacts I can help you find a cost-effective storage solution.

What Areas Do You Serve?

We primarily sell containers in the State of Texas with sales in the Houston area accounting for the bulk of our sales volume. We can also help customers in Oklahoma, Louisiana, and New Mexico. The Port of Houston Is where the supply of shipping containers and Conex boxes originate in the state of Texas. Loaded containers are picked up from the Port of Houston and the freight is delivered to businesses and many Big Box Retailers like Home Depot, Walmart, Target etc. that import product from China. The freight is unloaded, and the empty containers are turned in to inland Depots where they are stored until they are loaded with export freight and sent somewhere else in the world. The USA economy is a net importer of products and therefore many shipping containers arrive into Texas thorough the Port of Houston with freight and the leasing companies don’t have enough freight to export so there are excess shipping containers that they would rather sell then ship back empty to China. Many of the excess shipping containers / Conex containers are made available to resellers like USA Shipping Container LLC to be sold in Texas to individuals or businesses needing extra storage space.

USA Shipping Container LLC has relationships with many of the inland container storage depots in the Houston area and throughout Texas. This creates a very good market for the purchase of containers for individuals and companies looking for storage containers, shipping containers and Conex in the Houston area and Texas as a whole.  There are also many containers available for sale in Dallas, Fort Worth area supplied by a large rail depot in the South end of Dallas. We can deliver shipping containers to the entire state of Texas if there is a road and access to the delivery point with our tilt bed truck and trailer. Call us at 713-804-6726 or fill out the quick quote form.

Can I Pick the Container or Color?

Yes, we have relationships with some local depots that offer more of a retail experience where you can visit the depot and select the container. This type of purchase will result in a slightly higher price point. The least expensive containers are offered from major leasing companies, wholesalers and “One Trip NEW” container manufacturers in China that are sold “next off of the stack”, so you are not able to choose the color or see a specific container before delivery. Because these suppliers sell large quantities of containers, we can purchase them at discounted prices and pass those savings along to our customers. These containers are inspected by the depot when they are turned in from their last shipment and placed in a “ready” stack and made available for sale. In addition, my delivery companies will inspect the container prior to delivery, or you can inspect the shipping container when you pick up the container from the Depot if you are arranging for your own delivery.

Do You Offer Container Rentals?

No, we currently only sell containers. We have found that is very cost effective to purchase the container outright as most of our customers have a long-term storage need.

How Much Space Do I Need For Delivery?

For a 20 foot container, you need an area 10′ wide by 100′ long to tilt it off the rear of a tilt bed tractor trailer. With a 40 foot container, you’ll need an area 10′ wide by 125′ long. For either, you need a hard level surface and access for the truck and trailer to back it into the site.

What If I Don’t Have Enough Space for Delivery with a 40’ tilt bed trailer?

If you have a tight delivery area, we can offer roll-back wrecker style delivery of 20′ containers. The roll back wrecker will require 60’ to 75′ of straight run to tilt the container to the ground off the rear of the truck. Call for pricing for this service. Here is a sample video of a 20’ shipping container Conex delivery with a wrecker truck.  

Do Shipping Containers Require A Title?

No, the only proof of ownership you need for a shipping container is the purchase invoice we send you.

Why Don’t My Container Doors Open And Close Correctly?

One common problem with container doors not opening or closing correctly is due to the door frame being uneven. This usually happens if the container is placed on uneven ground, loaded unevenly causing it to lean, or positioned in a way that it bends or twists. Since container doors are designed to operate smoothly when the container is evenly situated, even a slight twist over a length of 20 or 40 feet can misalign the door frame.

Blocking and leveling a shipping container is recommended to ensure stability and to allow the doors to open and close properly and to elevate the container up off the ground to allow for airflow. 

What Can I Put Under A Shipping Container To Level It?

Concrete Blocks / Patio Pavers: Concrete blocks / Patio pavers provide a sturdy base and are relatively easy to work with. They come in various sizes and can be stacked to achieve the desired height. Most containers only need support under the four corner posts. The corner posts will support the rest of the container. Four Concrete blocks / Patio pavers under the four corner posts will be the most cost effective and quick solution for temporary storage. Patio pavers are a dense concrete product that can be purchased from most home improvement stores. Please consult your local Home Improvement professional and local building codes. Here is a link to some sample products that may meet your needs.

Wooden Blocks: Treated wooden blocks or railroad ties can also be used as an inexpensive temporary solution. 

Make sure they are treated to resist rot and decay if they’ll be in contact with the ground. Wood products will tend to decay or compress over time, so we recommend Concrete blocks / Patio pavers.

Gravel or Crushed Stone: A layer of gravel or crushed stone can be spread out and compacted to create a level surface. This option provides good drainage and is relatively easy to adjust if needed. You can use patio pavers along with the gravel to create the support under the 4 corners of the container so that the frame of the container is not touching the ground. They come in various sizes and can be stacked to achieve the desired height. Patio pavers are a dense concrete product that can be purchased from most home improvement stores. 

Concrete Pads: Pouring concrete pads is a more permanent solution. This requires more effort and resources but provides a solid and long-lasting foundation. 

Leveling a shipping container is essential to ensure stability and to allow the doors to open and close properly.  Here are some options for what you can put under your shipping container to level it:

Before placing any material under the shipping container, ensure that the ground is properly prepared by leveling it as much as possible. It’s also crucial to consider drainage to prevent water accumulation underneath the container, which can lead to rust and corrosion. Additionally, consult local building codes and regulations to ensure compliance with any requirements regarding container placement and foundation construction.

A simple fix is to place wooden blocks under the corners of the door frame to level it out. Additionally, lubricating shipping container doors and gently moving the doors back and forth can make them easier to use by loosening them up. 

How Can I Jack Up My Container To Level It?

Use a Jack Lug, Storage Container Leveler for Level Shipping Container with Ground. These allow for precise leveling and can be adjusted over time if the ground settles. Instructions on how to use here.

How can I repair a leak in a shipping container?

There are many DIY ways to repair a leak in a shipping container.

What If I Have More Questions?

Contact one of our container experts today, we’d be happy to help.

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