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About Us

USA Shipping Container is proud to offer a wide selection of quality new and used shipping containers at great prices to Dallas Fort-Worth and North Texas residents for business transportation, storage, commercial or residential use. We also ship all over the United States. Over the years, the demand for shipping containers has grown due to the popularity of repurposing shipping containers for purposes other than the shipment of goods and cargo. As such, we have adapted our business model to better assist residential customers as well as commercial customers from all sectors. Our focus on superior customer service and top-quality products remains unchanged, however. Call us at (214) 399-9272​​ to see how we can help you with all of your dry storage or refrigerated storage needs! It has been our pleasure to see our product find new and innovative uses. We understand that each customer has a set of very specific needs and requirements, which is why we have increased the size options available to our customers to ensure that their expectations can be met. Customer satisfaction is important to us, and we are always happy to receive feedback in order to keep our company moving in the right direction. We take every opportunity to find the best prices for our customers.

USA Shipping Container has been providing our customers with the best products and prices for over a decade. Our new and used shipping containers have all be thoroughly inspected to ensure that they meet stringent standards for the protection and security of our customers’ goods or belongings. Each container offers a number of features for optimal portability, safety, and convenience. No matter the intended purpose, contact USA Shipping Container by calling (214) 399-9272​ for top-of-the-line products, prices and customer service.