Commercial Use Containers

Shipping containers are spacious, durable, weathertight, and portable, making them highly functional and versatile for a variety of purposes. USA Shipping Container has been helping Dallas, Texas residents and businesses find new or used shipping containers to serve their specific needs for many years. During this time, we have never ceased to be amazed by the many innovative ways in which people have found uses for our product. Contact USA Shipping Container at (214) 399-9272​ for more information about our selection of new and used shipping containers, and let us provide you with quality, dependable, and affordable solutions for convenient storage, temporary work spaces, and more.


Companies that require a temporary setup that can easily be moved or stored away as need will find that shipping containers offer the perfect solution. Customers can customize and modify a new or used shipping container into a creative, attention-grabbing display to promote a new product or service to the public. Our shipping containers provides you with a blank canvas upon which you can create anything that you desire, whether you want to build a portable pop-up shop or a display window to place your mannequins. USA Shipping Container sells shipping containers of various sizes to meet the needs of any of our commercial customers.

Versatile Addition

Constructing a new addition to your existing office building or commercial space can be costly, disruptive, and inconvenient. Shipping containers can provide you with additional space for the storage of inventory or electrical facilities, as well as be transformed for use as a modular work space or office. The clean and simple design of shipping containers allows them to easily be modified to suit any purpose. With some creativity and design, new and used shipping containers can be completely revamped to create a beautiful, comfortable, and inviting space. Contact USA Shipping Container by calling (214) 399-9272​ to learn more about the many commercial uses of new and used shipping containers.

On-Site Storage or Office

Companies with employees who spend extended periods of time out on job sites or in the field may find that there are a number of challenges and difficulties associated with working remotely, and not having convenient access to storage or a proper work desk. New and used shipping containers have found popular commercial use with construction companies and other businesses that require an easily transported building or facility that can be relocated and placed at the work site when needed. USA Shipping Container offers well-built, solid, and durable shipping containers that can be customized to serve a variety of purposes, from on-site storage to a temporarily satellite office.

Creative Uses

The possible commercial uses of the shipping containers sold by USA Shipping Container is only limited by the imagination the buyer. There are many ways to transform our product into a unique mobile space that can be placed where needed, and easily stored away once there is no further need for it. Use a shipping container to prominently display your business, product, or service in a prime area, or craft an art installation to draw a crowd – the choice is yours! Our team is ready to help, so try us now at (214) 399-9272​.