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USA Shipping Container has been in business for decades. We provide the best quality containers at the best prices with exceptional customer service. We can ship containers nationwide. Use the instant quote form to let us know what you are looking for.

Shipping Container Options

Our shipping containers are sold in the following conditions:

As – Is Shipping Container

For customers that pick up the container in person and get an up-close look at what they are purchasing. These containers may or may not require repairs and should only be sold to customers with the ability to execute those repairs.  A very good value for the right customers.

Wind & Watertight Shipping Container

This grade of container average fifteen years old.  It is our most popular grade.  Dents, patches, and rust are to be expected but no holes will be found.  These are dry, functional, and secure containers meant for ground level storage.

Cargo Worthy Shipping Container

This grade of container averages twelve years old.  There are less dents, rust, and patching on these containers compared to the category above.  This grade may be inspected and certified for shipping cargo for an additional fee. Give us a ring at (214) 399-9272​ if you have any questions about the type of container you’ll need.

One Trip NEW Condition Shipping Container

This grade is built brand new in China and shipped once containing cargo to the United States.  They are made available in the United States after the freight is unloaded.  Minor dents and scratches are to be expected with possible floor marks from forklift loading.  Otherwise, the condition of this grade is deemed as excellent.  This grade is subject to availability.  This grade also offers an array of options.  Some of the options include:

  • Double Doors on Both Ends of Container
  • Full Open Side Containers
  • High Cube 20′ Length.
  • 20′ & 40′ Insulated /Refrigerated Containers to be used as Coolers/Freezers

Delivery Guidelines:

For most deliveries, please ensure that you have at least 100 feet of straight run available for the delivery truck to pull in, unload the container, and pull back out. If you are purchasing a 20 foot container that arrives on a tilt bed truck, you will only need approximately 75 feet of straight run.

All major credit cards are accepted.  Applicable sales tax must be added.

Call for more info at (214) 399-9272.

All containers may be either picked up at our depot, loaded on your vehicle at no additional charge, or arranged for delivery from our tilt bed vehicles.